Teamfight Tactics rules!

1. General

  1. The tournament´s judges/administrators are the "Game-Crew". They will have the last word in all situations. Decisions made by an administrator override all rules in this document.

  2. Administrators for Rocket League at The Gathering 2023 is:

    • Thunder-Roar "Chocio" Ågotnes - Discord: Chocio#1337

    • Sander André "J3RK" Steffensen - Discord: J3RK_BIGGI3#7780

  3. Administrator has the right to change, add or remove rules in this document at any time without informing the participants. We encourage you to check the rules before each match to ensure you are following the most up-to-date rules at all times.

  4. By entering the tournament, you accept and confirm that you have read the rules and that you agree that an administrator has the final say in decisions relating to the competition.

2. Tournament Format

  1. Game format – Free for all

  2. Points sisterm: Throughout the tournament, points will be awarded to any player based on placement after rounds played.

    1. Points will be awarded in this order: 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 (first place gets 8 points, last place gets 1 point).

  3. 3 matches will be played for each group, the 4 players with the highest scores after the three matches go on to the next stage of the tournament.

  4. In the final, it is the first person to 18 points and 1 first place who walks away with the victory.

  5. All participants must be ready to play at least 20 minutes before the start of the match.

3. Match Settings

Server: EUW

4. Creation/Connection procedure

  1. The player at the top of the group must always create the lobby.

  2. Creation of the match:

    • Select "Play"

    • Velg "Teamfight Tactics"

    • Select “Normal”

    • Press "Confirm"

    • Invite the rest of the players in the group to the lobby.

    • When all the players are in: press "Find Match".

5. Communication

  1. All players must communicate which place they came in for each match played. (NB! Husk screenshot. This is done via Discord to either “Chocio#1337” or “J3RK_BIGGI3#7780”.)

    Example message: "Hello, I "ingame-name" came in x place in the first match"

  2. You must be available at least 20 minutes before each announced match time.

  3. If a problem occurs with either equipment or network, it is your responsibility to contact an administrator to inform them of the problem. If you cannot find an administrator, you can contact the "Game Desk" for help.

  4. Discord must be used to find opponents and communicate which places you get in the matches.

6. Important Rules

  1. The player at the top of the group must always create that lobby.

  2. All players will be placed randomly in the first round of the tournament.

  3. When the match is finished, all players must take a screenshot of the result and publish it on the tournament's official website or send to one of the administrators via Discord.

  4. If something should happen to the server or the equipment that makes it impossible to continue the match, the team captains must contact the Administrator on Discord immediately. If Discord is not available, contact the Administrator at the game desk.

  5. It is expected that all participants have read and understood all the rules. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse under any circumstances.

  6. You must show good sportsmanship at all times. Saying things like "ez" or other rude and unsportsmanlike comments and/or behavior will result in a warning and, in the worst case scenario, disqualification from the tournament.

  7. The administrator always has the last word in a discussion.

  8. All players who will participate must register on the official website of the tournament.

  9. Use of third party software (such as Tftactics or metaTFT) is strictly prohibited. The use of such software is considered cheating, which will result in a warning or disqualification.

7. The Matches

The administrator decides when the matches will be played. Everyone must be ready at least 20 minutes before the game is scheduled to start.

8. Spectators

No one other than an administrator or commentator is allowed to be a spectator in-game, unless the administrator approves. The administrator is allowed to be a spectator if they deem it necessary.

9. Abuse and exploitation

Bug exploitation: Exploitation of known or newly discovered bugs during the match will result in the disqualification of the player who exploited the bug(s).

10. The definition of bugs

Anything, outside of the players' control, that causes the game to crash, stop, or take advantage of things that shouldn't otherwise work.

11. Complaints

If you believe that a player you played against cheated to win (even if they didn't win), you must upload proof within one (1) hour of the match ending. The administrator will look at your case individually and give you feedback regarding the result.

If an administrator knows one or more players in a complaint case, this specific administrator will not process the case, if another administrator is available.

12. Game version

All players must install the latest version of the game to participate in the tournament. Updates must be installed before the tournament begins, so we avoid delays.

13. Cheating

  • Warning: After one (1) warning has been given, the match will continue. If a player receives three (3) warnings during a match, that person will be disqualified from the tournament.

  • Loss of match: If a player is penalized for an infraction (eg breaking "Gentleman's Rules, cheating" they will forfeit the match, regardless of the result.)

  • Disqualifications: A player who is disqualified will be banned from the tournament. They will not have the opportunity to participate in more tournament matches.

  • Gentleman's Rules

    Violation of these rules is a minor rule violation and will be dealt with individually depending on the degree of seriousness.

    • (1) No unnecessary chat in "ALL-CHAT". Exceptions here are phrases like "GG", "GLHF", "Good luck" etc. or if problems arise.

    • (2) Spam of pings is not allowed.

    • (3) You shall not engage in any form of threatening behavior, either in or out of the Game.

14. Warnings and disqualifications

  • A player will receive a warning if he does the following:

    Do not follow what is said by the game administrator.

    Arriving late or not showing up for a match.

    Foul language and/or bad behavior.

    Acts unsportsmanlike in any way.

  • A player may be disqualified for any of the following reasons:

    Get three (3) warnings.

    Any intimidating behaviour, bullying or violence (physical or verbal) towards any participant, spectator or game administrator.

    When using cheats or other unfair game tactics (e.g. disrupting the opponent, physical blocking, bug exploits, etc.)

    Misinforming a judge/administrator.

    Not be present when a match is about to start.

    Exploit bugs that obviously change the game's functionality.

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