Overwatch 2

Practical information - Overwatch 2 Tournament TG23

Påmeling / Bracket

Påmelding til Overwatch 2 åpner innen den første dagen av TG, onsdag 12. april. Vi vil publisere en lenke til påmeldingsskjemaet samme dag som påmeldingen åpner.


Check-in period

14:00-20:00 5th. April

Team Size

5vs5 + 1 Sub

Entry fee

Free to enter


15 000 Kr


Gruppespill + Sluttspill

Max Teams




7,500.00 Kr ≈ 665.00 €


3,750.00 Kr ≈ 330.00 €


1,875.00 Kr ≈ 165.00 €


1,875.00 Kr ≈ 165.00 €

  • All 5 players competing in the tournament must be participants on The Gathering 2023.

  • Every team that want to participate must be registered by Wednesday the 5th of April, 9 pm.

  • If there are any question or problems which occurs before, during og after the match, use discord og head to the game desk to contact the game administrators.

  • The loosing team have the main responsibility to report the score from the match immediately after the match ends. If this is not done within 30 minutes, the responsibility will be with the winning team.

  • All teams are obliged to save a demo/record every match in case problems or disagreement arise.

  • It is not allowed to have a coach or other spectators connected as spectators, ecept game admins or possible casters.

  • All allegations of cheating must be well documented and must be discussed with game admins.

Chapter 1. Introductory provisions

1.1 In General

  1. The tournament judges/admins are the "Game-crew". They will have the last word in any situations that may arise. Any decision made by "Game-crew" in charge will override every rule in this document and Rules.

  2. The admins are:

    • Herja / Henriette Olsen - Discord: @Herja#5953

    • Sindre Østnor

  3. The admins have the right to change, add og remove rules in this document at any time without having to inform the participants. The participants are obliged to check the rules before every match.

  4. By signing up for the tournament, you accept and confirm that you have read the rules and terms. You also understand that the admins have the final say in the competition.

  5. Team set up – A team must consist of 5 players, and a maximum of 7 (2 substitutes). Every player must be a participant at The Gathering 2023, and everyone must be ready when the match starts. We recommend showing up 15 minutes before. You will be able to see what team you are playing against in the overview.

1.2 Definitions

  1. There are 5 game modes in Overwatch:

    1. Assault

    2. Escort

    3. Control

    4. Hybrid

    5. Push

  2. Conditions of victory

    • Assault: The Team that secures most checkpoints within the time runs out.

    • Escort: The team that moves the payload to the last checkpoints the fastes wins. If both teams don’t reach the last checkpoint, the teams that got more distance on it wins.

    • Hybrid: Consists of both victories from Assault and Escort.

    • Control: Best of 3. The team that secures 3 checkpoints wins.

    • Push: Best of 3. The team that pushes the bot further over towards the other teams side, wins the round.

  3. By match, we mean a certain amount of rounds which together makes 1 match. The match will end when one of the teams have won the majority of the rounds, in this case 5 rounds. For example you get Control chosen as the match type, you will play 5 rounds. When one team has won 5 rounds, the match is finished.

Chapter 2: Before the match, match preparations

2.1 Provisions

  1. The teams are obliged to meet 15 minutes before the match begin.

    • Warming up therefor have to end 15 minutes before the match begin.

  2. The match will begin at the set time.

  3. If one of the teams are not able to meet at the set time, they will have to inform the opposing team and the game admins 15 minutes before the match time is set. The new time will then be postponed by 30 minutes. If the late teams still dont have an opportunity to meet, the other team will automatically proseed in the tournament. If a team does not notify before the start of the match that it has been delayed, it will be considered as "not met" without a valid reason. If the team still havent met after 15 minutes after set time, the opposing team will proceed in the tournament.

  4. If any player should experience any technical fault or problems with either gear, software or anything else, we ask that the player or team to please contact the game-admins and the opposing team.

  5. Players and teams are expected to check if there are any problems affecting setup, software, settings and so on before the first round begins and to be ready for the match. A game-admin can choose to postpone the start of the match where this is necessary and there is a valid reason.

  6. In a teamgame there can be only 1 missing player. This means that the team can still compete with 4 players only, but with 3 or less you can’t participate in the tournament.

Chapter 3: Match settings

3.1 Settings

  1. Rule Set: Competitive

  2. Game mode:

    1. BO1 i Gruppespill

    2. BO3 i sluttspill

  3. Map Options:

    1. Map Rotations: After a game

    2. Map Order: Single Map

    3. Return to lobby: After a game

  4. Maps: All maps are available for use in the tournament.

  5. Hero Options:

    1. Hero Selection Limit: 1 per team

    2. Role Selection Limit: None

    3. Allow Hero Switching: On

    4. Respawn as Random Hero: Off

  6. Heroes:

    1. Ana, Ashe, Baptiste, Bastion, Birgitte, Cassidy, D.VA, Doomfist, Echo, Genji, Hanzo, Junker queen, Junkrat, Kiriko, Lucio, Mei, Mercy, Moira, Orisa, Pharah, Ramattra, Reaper, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, Sojourn, Soldier:76, Sombra, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Wrecking ball, Zarya og Zenyatta.

    2. Characters not mentioned above cannot be used in this tournament.

  7. Gameplay Options:

    1. High Bandwidth: On

    2. Control Game Mode Format: Best of 5

    3. Health Modifier: 100%

    4. Damage Modifier: 100%

    5. Damage Modifier: 100%

    6. Healing Modifier: 100%

    7. Ultimate Charge Rate Modifier: 100%

    8. Respawn Time Modifier: 100%

    9. Ability Cooldown Modifier: 100%

    10. Disable Skins: Off

    11. Disable Health Bars: Off

    12. Disable Kill Cam: On

    13. Disable Kill Feed: Off

    14. Headshots Only: Off

  8. Team Options:

    1. Team Balancing: Off

3.2 Match format

  1. Every game in the group stae is BO1.

  2. Every game in the playoffs is BO3.

3.3 Change of player

  • Changing players is not allowed during the match, the change will happen before the match begin and must be approved by game-admins.

Chapter 4: Game rules

4.1 Technical issues

  1. If the server goes down in the middle of a match, you will have to start the round over again.

  2. If the server goes down on a lap 2 or 3 of a Control map, teams should continue on the same path with same attack target. Admins can give the win to a team if it can be proven that the team would have won anyway if the server goes down or not. There must be sufficient evidence for this decision to be made. Attempts at cheating will have consequences.

4.2 Stopping of the game

  1. If a player deliberately leaves the game without pausing or notifying an game-admin, it will not be required by the opposing team or game-admin to stop the game. Stopping the game shall take place in accordance with the following guidelines stipulated in the point below:

    • An admin may order the game stopped, or stop the game at their discretion where the administrator deems it necessary.

4.3 After the match

  1. It is the duty and task of the losing team to report scores in the tournament system after the match, if this is not done within reasonable time the winning team shall report the score.

  2. If the team disagree with the reported score, evidence in the form of screenshots or similar must be presented.


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