General Server Rules

General rules for the Minecraft server

Chat and general terms

1. The Gathering

The Gathering (TG) is a celebration of digital culture. Normally thousands of computer and gaming enthusiasts gather in Vikingskipet every easter to celebrate digital culture. TG is a positive and including arena where everyone is welcome to participate digitally. We only ask that you follow the rules in our channels.

2. Personal attacks

Abstain from personal attacks and inciting other users, persons on stream or on the stage. This applies to all our social channels, and includes everyone commenting, appearing on stream or in one way or another participating or contributing to The Gathering.

3. Breaking Norwegian law or ToS

We do not allow the use of our platforms for breaches of Norwegian law. This includes, but is not limited to, breaches to the penal codes section on hate speech or illegal file sharing.

This also applies to breaches of the platforms own terms of service. I.e. Twitch, Discord, YouTube and all other platforms in use by The Gathering.

4. Offensive content

Content meant to offend others will not be allowed. This especially applies if the content is aimed at other users in our channels, or others that attend or is contributing to The Gathering.

5. Self promotion

Self promotion is not allowed, unless the content has a direct connection to TG and/or the conversation in the channel. There are no specific guidelines as to what is considered relevant, but please think about whether or not the content you are sharing is relevant for what is happening at TG, or if the other attendees have any interest in the content. If you happen to be unsure, feel free to contact one of the moderators or staff to ask.

You are not allowed to share invites to any other Discord-servers.

6. Moderators

The moderators are free to remove any content breaching 2-5, or other content based on judgement. On repeated offenses can the moderators use actions as mute, temporary or permanent bans. We ask that the moderators decisions are respected.

7. Stick to the topic

Stick to the topic of each channel. This is especially important in channels dedicated to support or specific competitions.


  • Behave, and be respectful towards others.

  • No racism or any other kind of discrimination is tolerated.

  • Client-modifications that give you unfair advantages are not allowed. This includes botting, x-ray, fly-mod, noclip, etc.

  • Griefing and other conscious sabotage of the server or other players are not allowed.

  • Do not abuse glitches and bugs in the game.

  • Keep chats, groups and skins SFW.

  • No spamming/flooding in chats and groups.

  • No promotions outside the TG23 content are allowed in game.

  • Do not harass the staff. If you need their attention, use the /helpme command.

  • Respect all decisions and instructions from the moderators. They have the final word!

  • When building, try to keep some distance between you and your neighbors, so they have room to expand their base.


  • We donโ€™t allow any forms of griefing on the server. This also includes any gameplay or actions that ruin the game for other players.

  • Sabotage, theft of items and destruction of other players' bases or constructions are not permitted.

  • Active PVP gameplay is only allowed on PVP-servers, or if both players have agreed to it.

  • We do not permit camping or killing in locations where players can spawn (spawn camping). This includes server-spawn, beds, teleport locations etc.

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